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Dr. Baker serves as the Project Manager for a quality improvement initiative for the Division of Preparedness and Emerging Infections (DPEI). He currently leads a cross-functional team of 30 staff members to improve the efficiency and resiliency of their supply chain, implement a quality management system to comply with FDA regulations for medical devices and to provide a broad range of technical and R&D laboratory services. R&D support includes the development of molecular assays for the detection of potential biothreat agents, Metagenomics and Bioinformatics support efforts. Dr. Baker established the PMO and customized project management tools for the daily management of branch research activities.

Dr. Baker also serves as the program manager for the Influenza Partner Portal (IPP). He leads a cross functional team of 6 staff members including business analysts, scientists, and an Enterprise Architect/Microsoft Dynamics Solution Expert in the development of a CRM platform solution that will improve operations the Influenza Division with respect to proficiency testing, communications management, LIMS reporting, inventory management, training, and quality management.

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