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Duncan MacCannell, PhD, is a science officer with the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID) and coordinates bioinformatics activities for laboratories across CDC’s Office of Infectious Diseases.

Since joining the CDC in 2006, Dr. MaCannell has worked with the PulseNet program on next-generation strain typing methods and functional genomics for Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia. coli (STEC) and as the laboratory lead for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and for Clostridium difficile surveillance activities. His current research interests focus on applying comparative pathogen genomics to public health microbiology and developing, validating, and using molecular diagnostics and next-generation strain typing methods for outbreak investigations, surveillance, and longitudinal studies of microbial diversity.

Dr. MacCannell holds a doctorate in microbiology and infectious diseases and a master’s degree in biomedical technology from the University of Calgary, Canada.

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